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PITSS Services
Range of Services
PITSS Services represents the very best
expertise in the area of Oracle Techno-
logies and supports its customers with
a modular full service range in the
areas of Consulting, Training ses-
sions, Development, Administration
& Support.
  Everything at first hand
You will get first-hand support on every-
thing to do with Oracle databases and
Middleware (WebLogic Forms, Reports,
    ADF and APEX): from advice and assis-
      tance to project planning, execution,
                           administration, support and
Whether you’re planning
an upgrade, migration, re-
engineering, redevelop-
ment or you want to im-
plement IT strategies
such as SOA, we will
advise, assist and de-
velop for you from the
planning phase to the
successful commissio-
ning and will gladly continue
to support you thereafter.
                                    PITSS Services has a
                                      unique pool of Oracle
                                        experts and has
                                        many years of ex-
                                     perience in managing
                               and carrying out success-
                               ful and highly profitable
                             Oracle projects. PITSS
                           Services even masters the
                        greatest challenges of Oracle
                    projects and inspires its custo-
               mers through definitive,  fast solu-
               tions as well as through high cost
"Don’t struggle – juggle! It’s so easy with Oracle Technology!"